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Project type: Education

Academic Integrity Initiative

The Lincoln Center director, Dr. Jason Robert and staff were invited to participate in a university wide review of academic integrity policies and procedures sponsored by the University Provost's office. We provided ethical insight throughout the recommendation process. We are also working to develop a student behavioral intervention with the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences focusing on examining cheating factors including: student's cultural environments, motivational climates, and individual success probabilities. This research brings together scientists, ethicists, and science and technology scholars from across the university to explore these themes.



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Applied Ethics Dimension

Integrity is a moral and ethical concept that touches many aspects of human behavior, however, academic integrity is of utmost importance in a university setting verifying credibility for academic programs and degrees throughout an institution of higher learning. 

Project Description

Student Behavior Intervention, Academic Development


Academic integrity recommendations developed by the Provost's review committee and future behavioral programming in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences will lead to improved academic behavior among the ASU student population. 

Student Engagement

Students participated in the academic integrity review process by providing valuable insights into their challenges with academic integrity and the overall culture of the ASU student population.

Collaborators / Partners

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

ASU Provost's Office


Sean Kenney

Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics