Project type: Engagement

Dialogues in Democracy Seminars

The purpose of the Dialogues in Democracy lecture series is to offer a nonpartisan venue for civil discussion on issues of civic engagement, from how to become involved in grassroots politics to running for office. Dialogues in Democracy seeks to educate and motivate attendees to engage as citizens to make their voice heard.


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Applied Ethics Dimension

Part of the applied ethics mission of the Lincoln Center is to "explore how best to live together as a human community," and Dialogues in Democracy provide a non-partisan look at how to empower citizens to achieve that goal.

Project Description

Dialogues in Democracy seminars bring together scholars and community activists to discuss the state of local politics, how to get involved, and how to engage in civil discussion with those from opposing worldviews. The series is non-partisan and more interested in increasing civic participation and providing a venue for civil discussion on difficult issues in local and state politics. 


A non-partisan approach helps to examine the priorities and evidence prioritized in decision making and civic engagement, rather than appealing to party platforms. Engaging student groups and community members in addition to scholars helps to increase the opportunity for action in addition to education. 

Student Engagement

Student groups active in the areas of local civic engagement are involved in helping to plan topics of discussion and identify community partners to sit on panels. Student involvement adds a much needed infusion of youthful energy traditionally absent in issues of civic engagement. 

Collaborators / Partners

Scholars, student organizations, and community partners interested in issues of civic engagement. 


Erica O'Neil, PhD

Engagement Lead