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Project type: Engagement

Ethics@Twilight Seminars

Ethics @ Twilight seeks to introduce and prepare students for the ethical situations that await them as practitioners in their chosen field of employment. The Lincoln Center partners with colleges across ASU, working with the College of Health Solutions in spring of 2017, and the School of Biological and Health Systems Engineering fall of 2017.


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Applied Ethics Dimension

The seminars in Ethics @ Twilight are focused on the applied ethics dimensions encountered by practitioners within a specific field of practice. The Lincoln Center partners academics and practitioners across the public and private sector to both educate and contextualize those dimensions through traditional lecture and extended discussion with the audience.

Project Description

Conversations from academic year 2016-2017, with the College of Health Solutions: "Health Care Coverage: Right or Privilege," with Jack A Gilbert and Lexi White; "A Discussion on Aid in Dying," with Gregory K Mayer and clinical panel; "Cannabis to Treat And/Or Prevent Traumatic Brain Injury," with Jason Scott Robert; and "Moral Courage: Standing Up For/Acting on Our Ethical Beliefs," with Carol Taylor.


The seminar series rotates across academic disciplines at ASU, with the intent of stimulating discussions on applied ethics within every field of practice. This seminar series provides context for both long-term concerns intrinsic to the discipline, and ethical dilemmas that emerge as a result of changes within the field. Students gain an understanding of the ethical situations that characterize their field—past, present, and future. 

Student Engagement

Every discipline across ASU's curriculum trains students that will face ethical challenges within their chosen field of practice. Student attendees gain the opportunity to interface with faculty and practitioners addressing ethical issues in their area of study, allowing for a more nuanced discussion of the challenges they face as future practitioners. 

Collaborators / Partners

Spring 2017: College of Health Solutions, Cristi Coursen coordinated speakers and faciliated practitioner involvement. 

Fall 2017: School of Biological and Health Systems Engineering, Jerry Coursen and Emma Frow are acting as the leads on this seminar series. 


Erica O'Neil, PhD

Engagement Lead