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Project type: Education

General Studies Review

The Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics funded two faculty fellows, one from History and from Life Sciences, to form a university-wide faculty committee charged with reviewing the state of general studies at ASU. 


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Applied Ethics Dimension

As one of the largest public universities in the country, we take it as an ethical imperative given the time and money invested by the state, the university and the students themselves in our general education curriculum, that the curriculum delivers on its promise to prepare students for purposeful and productive civic, professional and personal lives. 

Project Description

Review and possibly improve university general studies curriculum. 


Faculty fellows produced a set of recommendations that will strengthen ASU’s general studies curriculum leading directly to a higher quality educational experience for students. 

Student Engagement

Excellent general education programs foster the thoughtfulness and confidence that empower all people in their lives as citizens, individuals, and creators. A commitment to access, equity, and student success seems to require a commitment to purposeful, coherent, and ambitious general education.  

Collaborators / Partners

Dr. Catherine O'Donnell, The School of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies

Dr. Michael Angilletta, The School of Life Sciences. 

Dr. Jason Robert, The Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics 


Sean Kenney

The Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics