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Lincoln Center Affiliated Faculty

At ASU, there are faculty from all disciplines, all campuses and all phases of career that are doing work in applied ethics. Lincoln Center Affiliated Faculty are individuals that recognize the applied ethics dimensions of their work and have gone through a process to become affiliated with Lincoln Center. 


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Applied Ethics Dimension

Lincoln Center Affiliated Faculty represent a diverse array of disciplinary perspectives and an equally varied approach to incorporating applied ethics dimensions into their work. Lincoln Center welcomes this diversity and seeks to increase the visibility and impact of this good work. 

Project Description

Once completing the application process (which requires filling out this form), a faculty member that has demonstrated an interest in applied ethics may become affiliated with LCAE. This affiliation  provides many benefits such as inclusion in the growing Lincoln Center community, accessibility of Lincoln Center staff, and notification of any developments that Lincoln Center has selected to recruit applied ethics faculty involvement in.


Perhaps the greatest impact is the found in opportunities that can only come from interested people being able to connect. This is multi-direction network that allows project leaders, collaborators, students, and others to locate specific expertise for their endeavors. It also allows affilliates to connect with experts to add perspective in their own endeavors. And importantly, it allows Lincoln Center to know that you are interested so you can be inlcuded in anything being developed internally. 

Student Engagement

As already stated elsewhere, well connected faculty means well connected students. This may mean students find their way to Lincoln Center in search of a faculty advisor with specific expertise and an applied ethics focus, or it may mean that faculty are working with students who have projects that require additional disciplinary perspective to fully develop. Either way, it is important for the increasingly interdisciplinary nature of students' research interests that there are resources that help students and faculty connect. Lincoln Center is glad to be able to assist with this challenge. 

Collaborators / Partners

Lincoln Center Affiliated Faculty span ASU, representing disciplines and research interests that connects Lincoln Center to an enormous number of schools, centers, institutes and initiatives here at ASU. 


Stephanie Birdsall