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Project type: Engagement

Lincoln Center Faculty Seminar

Every year the Lincoln Center highlights the research being conducted by our newly minted professors, fellows, and affiliates in a public lecture that intersects with a shared research topic of the panelists. The 2016 topic focused on "Crime and Punishment" across issues of civility, criminal justice, and forgiveness.


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Applied Ethics Dimension

Our faculty address applied ethics research from numerous disciplines, using varying methodologies and theories to address those concerns. The seminar allows us to highlight the interdisciplinary nature of applied ethics, as we choose a broad theme that intersects across the work being conducted by several scholars in different academic fields. 

Project Description

The inaugural seminar held in the Spring 2017 semester addressed the topic of "Crime and Punishment," and featured work conducted by Lincoln Professors Ersula Ore and Vincent Waldron, and Lincoln Fellow Jessica Salerno. Ore addressed the rhetoric of civility at the level of society, asking the audience to evaluate their beliefs surrounding authority and power. Salerno then addressed the theme at the level of the community as it related to punishment and retribution with sex offender laws that adversely impact LGBTQ+ populations. Waldron ended the presentation by examining relationships at the level of the individual, and how we mete out punishment, retribution, and forgiveness.


The interdisciplinary discussion generated by the panel helps to advance the idea of applied ethics as a cross-disciplinary endeavor intrinsic to most fields. Also, the audience who attends such seminars reflects the interdisciplinary background of the panel, attracting academics and the generally interested public who are introduced to how applied ethics is intrinsic to many aspects of everyday life. 

Student Engagement

We encourage the presenters to invite their students to attend the seminar as a component of their course, exposing those individuals to broader disciplinary questions and methods than they generally encounter in a single course. Students situated in the subject matter often ask some of the best questions too, enriching the discussion following the panel presentation. 

Collaborators / Partners

The Lincoln Center Faculty Seminar presenters are drawn from a broad range of disciplines at the university, with the shared commitment  to applying ethics within their field. To see a representative cross-section of our collaborators, browse our faculty page


Erica O'Neil, PhD

Engagement Lead