Undergraduate Scholars

Students with hands in a circle
Undergraduate Scholars participate in a one credit seminar course during the fall and spring semesters to explore applied ethics through an interdisciplinary approach. Undergraduate Scholars also work together on a meaningful real world project during their second semester. Our program includes a diverse group of students with varying beliefs, cultures, and values who share a commitment to understanding and improving the climates in which they participate.  The 2017-2018 academic year will focus on current social and political climates. Students are awarded an academic scholarship for their participation. 

Lincoln-Chautauqua Fellows

Students jumping in the sunset
Lincoln-Chautauqua Scholars attend a week of programming at the Chautauqua Institution, in Chautauqua, New York, an historic, continuing education movement providing programming across mind, body, and spirit. Scholars brainstorm on the topic of social innovation across the ASU community in an expansive new environment. Situating students in the extensive social setting of Chautauqua allows them to envision the expansive, systems-level social problems facing the ASU community in a new light.

Academic Integrity Initiative

Students and professors brainstorming
The Lincoln Center director, Dr. Jason Robert and staff were invited to participate in a university wide review of academic integrity policies and procedures sponsored by the University Provost's office. We provided ethical insight throughout the recommendation process. We are also working to develop a student behavioral intervention with the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences focusing on examining cheating factors including: student's cultural environments, motivational climates, and individual success probabilities. This research brings together scientists, ethicists, and science and technology scholars from across the university to explore these themes. 

Sustainability Workshop

Individuals at tables with laptops
The Lincoln Center was invited to participate in the Sustainability Teachers Academy offered by the Global Institute of Sustainability. We developed and facilitated a small portion of the conference focused on perspectives. Teachers from around the country were exposed to the Moral Foundations of Sustainability. 

Lincoln Professors

Lincoln Professorships are distinct honors for ASU faculty members who are experts within their fields, but whose research, teaching and outreach interests also have an applied ethics dimension or focus. This prestigious appointment is made possible through the generosity of David Lincoln and the Lincoln Family. 

Student Leadership Training

Students studying mentoring
The student leadership training with Community Mentors from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences consists of a detailed applied ethics discussion activity. The exercise is designed to help people with different opinions strategize together, listen to each other, and work together towards solutions.  

Police Ethics Training

The Lincoln Center developed and facilitated a moral and ethical training to fulfill the yearly ethics requirements for the ASU Police department. Discussions focused on defining ethics, what ethics means for police departments, professional calling, major tensions, difficulties, obstacles, and solutions.