Moral Capital Development

students hands forming a circle
This project aims to articulate the conditions under which moral capital development is facilitated and enhanced. As the political philosopher Adam Smith noted in his seminal Theory of Moral Sentiments, “The wise and virtuous man is at all times willing that his own private interest should be sacrificed to the public interest of his own particular order or society.” That wisdom and virtue can be seen as constituting the moral capital of a community, capital that can then generate more prosperity and well being for society as a whole

Lincoln Center Faculty Fellows Program

The Lincoln Center Faculty Fellows program provides funding for tenured/tenure-track faculty, clinical faculty or lecturers in support of a project that has an applied ethics component. Projects can be focused on either research, education or community engagement, or any combination. Project support can be requested for any stage of the project – planning, implementation, follow-up. The fellowships are a granted for one fiscal year, and fellows not only enjoy financial awards, but in kind support from Lincoln Center staff and a strong welcome into the Lincon Center scholarly community.

Supporter of Barrett Fellows @ CLAS Centers Program

The Barrett Fellows @ CLAS Centers Program is an exciting new opportunity developed by Barrett, the Honors College, that provides a new pathway for Barrett students to engage in research and community outreach with ASU faculty. Lincoln Center was in a unique position to match Barrett students' research interests with the research interests of our affiliated faculty, who expand beyond the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS).