Undergraduate Scholars

Undergraduate Scholars participate in a one credit seminar course during the fall and spring semesters to explore applied ethics through an interdisciplinary approach. Undergraduate Scholars also work together on a meaningful real world project during their second semester. Our program includes a diverse group of students with varying beliefs, cultures and values who share a commitment to understanding and improving the communities to which they belong.  Students are awarded an academic scholarship for their participation. 

Applications will be accepted again Spring 2019. 

Applications will be accepted through the ASU Scholarship Portal: https://scholarships.asu.edu/scholarship/91891 

Students accepted into the program will be required to take a one credit course Fall 2018 and Spring 2019.

Fall 2018/Spring 2019 Course Options:
Downtown Campus: Monday 2-2:50 p.m.  OR  Tempe Campus: Wednesday 2-2:50 p.m.


Sean Kenney 
Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics

2018-2019 Undergraduate Scholars  

Claire Naimen: Global Studies 

Jocelyn Alvar: Biological Science

Delaney Bucker: Biological Science

Nathan Hui: Biomedical Engineering

Emma Sease: Biological Science

Carla Naranjo: Political Science

Shailee Shah: Accounting

Dominique Browning: Innovation in Society

Shivaani Methuku: Computer Science

Ruth Jolly: Social Work

Patrick Collins: Public Policy

Gala Gutierrez: Computer Science

Madison Arnold: Innovation in Society

Leen Ayyoub: Biomedical Science

Kira Olsen-Medina: Sociology

Brooke Nelson: Innovation in Society

Ashley Oakes: Journalism 

Ricardo Orenlas-Montes: Physics

Nhu Nguyen: Biomedical Science

Shae Diaz: Biomedical Engineering

Lindsay Akers: Industrial Engineering

Parker Shea: Geography

Andrea Mincitar: Industrial Engineering

Grace Blair: Biochemistry 

Glenn Bascon: Molecular Bioscience

Jannet Pena: Health Solutions

Francisco Garcia: Art

Ethan Taylor: Finance

Naruro Hassan: History


2017-2018 Undergraduate Scholars 
This academic year is focused on current social and political climates.

Allison Sorgeloos: Secondary Education (English) 

Avery Jones: English Literature, German 

Clara Avila Medrano: Communication and Law Advocacy 

Ishitha Jagadish: Biomedical Engineering 

Jana Crum: Biological Science 

Mary Kate Cundiff: Business Entrepreneurship

Ndey Bassin Jobe: Earth and Space Exploration 

Patrick Sarette: Biochemistry 

Samim Fahim: Marketing, Supply Chain Management

Sarah Fakhoury: Biomedical Engineering

Stephen Lane: Biomedical Engineering

Noel Robles: Biomedical Engineering