Stephanie Birdsall

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Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics
111 E Taylor Street, Suite 293
Mail code: 9230
Asst Director Operations
University Staff
TEMPE Campus


As the assistant director for the Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics, Stephanie manages the staff and operations of the center and assists the director in advancing the research, curricular and outreach missions. Prior to joining the ASU in June of 2008, she worked in various capacities at Brown University in Rhode Island, including information technology, communications and fundraising.

Birdsall earned a bachelor's degree with first class honors in Philosophy and English from Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, Canada and a Master of Arts in English Literature from McGill University in Montreal, Canada.


Geography matters: Mapping human development and digital access S Birdsall, W Birdsall; First Monday 10 (10)
The democratic divide S Birdsall; First Monday 10 (4)


Fall 2015
Course Number Course Title
REL 194 Special Topics
PHI 194 Special Topics
HST 194 Special Topics