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Project type: Education

Student Leadership Training

The student leadership training with Community Mentors from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences consists of a detailed applied ethics discussion activity. The exercise is designed to help people with different opinions strategize together, listen to each other, and work together towards solutions. 



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Applied Ethics Dimension

Students learn about the basic moral foundations all people have and how they affect every day situations  and decisions. The overall goal is to have people with different beliefs about a specific issue learn about one another, why they feel the way they do, and come up with a policy or recommendation on how to move forward. 

Project Description

Professional Development, Student Education, Leadership Improvement 


Students are more informed leaders who become increasingly confident in their ability to understand people and solve difficult problems. 

Student Engagement

The student leadership training was developed specifically to help student leaders navigate difficult conversations and situations throughout their careers as community mentors. 

Collaborators / Partners

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

University Housing 


Sean Kenney 

Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics