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Supporter of Barrett Fellows @ CLAS Centers Program

The Barrett Fellows @ CLAS Centers Program is an exciting new opportunity developed by Barrett, the Honors College, that provides a new pathway for Barrett students to engage in research and community outreach with ASU faculty. Lincoln Center was in a unique position to match Barrett students' research interests with the research interests of our affiliated faculty, who expand beyond the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS). 


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Applied Ethics Dimension

All of the projects that the students joined have an applied ethics dimension or focus. Topics included ecologogy, science policy, surveying the ethical health of an organization, energy transitions, the development of an ethics spine for biomedical engineering curriculum, governance of experimental stem cell treatments, and genetics; as it relates to how history and genetics intersect in race and ethnicity, and sex v. gender in popular culture. 

Project Description

Barrett students who have completed their first year and wish to engage in research and community outreach through the activities of one of the CLAS research centers/institutes apply for an unpaid, semester-long or year-long fellowship. The fellowships are developed and coordinated by the individual centers, drawing on their faculty's scholarly expertise and availability to mentor the students. These experiences may transition into an honors thesis or creative projects for the students, but that is not a requirement of the fellowship.  Ultimately, the program is designed for the students to build experience in an area of interest that they may want to pursue further.


While there are arguably applied ethics dimensions in most research endeavors, it isn't always easy to connect with scholars and thought leaders whose work within their field focuses on these dimensions. LCAE is happy to have connected interested students with ASU's renowned faculty working on these types of topics, which will provide a meaningful entry point for junior scholars into the world of research.

Student Engagement

For the 2017-18 academic year, LCAE paired seven students with faculty across the university. Connections were made with faculty in the School of Life Sciences, the Biodesign Institute, the School for the Science of Health Care Delivery, Biological and Health Systems Engineering and the School for the Future of Innovation in Society. In many cases, Lincoln Center's involvement helped to create opportunities for undergraduate student research experiences that wouldn't have been available otherwise. 

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