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Project type: Education

Sustainability Workshop

The Lincoln Center was invited to participate in the Sustainability Teachers Academy offered by the Global Institute of Sustainability. We developed and facilitated a small portion of the conference focused on perspectives. Teachers from around the country were exposed to the Moral Foundations of Sustainability. 


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Applied Ethics Dimension

K-12 teachers learned about the various moral foundations all people have. They explored their own moral foundations and discussed how they apply to their drive to make a difference in their home school districts. Participants in the program are charged with developing meaningful programming after the conference, the Lincoln Center was able to provide insight into the moral and ethical framework of sustainability. 

Project Description

Professional Development, Sustainability  program development 


Teachers who participated in the moral foundations of sustainability are equipped to have difficult conversations with students, administrators, and community members who have differing perspectives. They recognize and understand the value in different ideas or opinions, understand how they are formed, and they are willing to work with all individuals and groups to solve difficult challenges. 

Student Engagement

The moral foundations of sustainability helped teachers from around country contemplate how best to work with their students on sustainability initiatives. 

Collaborators / Partners

Sustainability Teachers Academy

Global Institute of Sustainability 


Sean Kenney

Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics