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Project type: Education

Undergraduate Scholars

Undergraduate Scholars participate in a one credit seminar course during the fall and spring semesters to explore applied ethics through an interdisciplinary approach. Undergraduate Scholars also work together on a meaningful real world project during their second semester. Our program includes a diverse group of students with varying beliefs, cultures, and values who share a commitment to understanding and improving the climates in which they participate.  The 2017-2018 academic year will focus on current social and political climates. Students are awarded an academic scholarship for their participation. 


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Applied Ethics Dimension

Students learn about and discuss moral and ethical challenges in business, governance,  immigration, energy, sustainability, social justice, race, gender, diversity, and human health. 

Project Description

Student Development, Education, and Engagement 


Undergraduate Scholars are exposed to new ideas and diverse ways of thinking. The goal is to help young people be engaged and informed citizens who not only recognize the moral and ethical dimensions of complex challenges but are willing to collaborate with others to solve these challenges. 

Student Engagement

Undergraduate Scholars are engaged with the Lincoln Center  throughout  the academic year by participating in a two semester seminar course and they are provided the opportunity to interact with the Lincoln community throughout the academic year. Opportunities include small brown bag discussions: Ethics-@- Noon and, Ethics-@-Twilight, guest lectures and civic discussions: Dialogues in Democracy, research-related events, and student workshops. 

Collaborators / Partners

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Barrett, The Honors College 






Sean Kenney 

Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics