About the Center

The Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics was established Arizona State University in 1998. Continuing public interest in ethics and the increasing importance of providing students an ethical education prompted Joan and David Lincoln of Paradise Valley to give Arizona State University a gift to initiate a university-wide applied ethics program developed and coordinated in the Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics. David’s belief is that ethical behavior can create better and more positive outcomes in every facet of life. This belief was the impetus for the creation of the Lincoln Center. Ethics is a foundational building block from which great things can happen.

 Our Vision

Imagine a world where technology is keyed to human flourishing, where innovation takes stock of what might be lost and not only what might be gained, and where the simple beauty of connection, touch, and intimacy aren’t sacrificed in favor of growth and endless optimization. Imagine a world of ethical innovation.

 Our Mission

  • We are animated by the profound ways digital technologies are changing us.

  • We are grounded by the belief that not all change is innovation, not all innovation progress.

  • We are inspired by the conviction that while no one knows what comes next, there is enough shared wisdom, know-how, and goodwill to get started.

The Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics advances teaching, research and community engagement efforts that explore how best to live together as a human community, so that we all may achieve purposeful, productive and prosperous lives.

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