Lincoln Professors - Lincoln Professorships are distinct honors for ASU faculty members with research, teaching and outreach interests in Applied Ethics. This prestigious appointment is made possible through the generosity of David Lincoln and the Lincoln Family.

Affiliated Faculty - Faculty from all disciplines at ASU pursue scholarship that advances our ability to create the world in which we want to live and teach students how to explore and act on the ethical challenges of their fields of study. If you are interested in joining the Lincoln Center faculty community, please email

Hear from our Lincoln Professors and Affiliated Faculty with Ethics@ASU , a series of short videos demonstrating the breadth and depth of applied ethics research and teaching across the University


Athena Aktipis headshot

Lincoln Professor Athena Aktipis

Aktipis is a cooperation theorist, social psychologist, theoretical evolutionary biologist, and cancer biologist who works at the intersection of these fields

Ore headshot

Lincoln Professor Ersula Ore

Ore 's work examines the suasive strategies of aggrieved communities as they operate within a post-emancipation historical context.

tillery head shot

Lincoln Professor Stephen Helms Tillery

Helms Tillery is a neuroscientist focused on how the brain learns to use sensory information in the control of skilled motor tasks as well as how research resources can be marshaled to best provide lasting value to society.

Emma Frow headshot

Lincoln Professor Emma Frow

Frow's research focuses on standards and governance in contemporary life sciences, with a particular focus on synthetic biology

Marchand head shot

Lincoln Professor Gary Marchant

Marchant's research focuses on genetics, environmental regulation, personalized medicine, and emerging technologies.