Welcome to the Lincoln Center

Engaging the humanities to shape technologies keyed to human flourishing.

The Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics (LCAE) advances teaching, research and community engagement efforts that explore
how best to live together as a human community, so that we all may achieve purposeful, productive and prosperous lives.

Our mission is to empower students, faculty, entrepreneurs, and the community to examine the impact of technologies in our
lives with the goal of designing a future keyed to human flourishing.

To best explain the work of LCAE, we share our four guiding principles. Through co-creative collaboration facilitated 
by Design Thinking Consultant Dr. Tamara Christensen of Idea Farm, our team created these guiding principles to focus 
our work while keeping ourselves accountable for our intended goals. 

Walk our talk

Innovate ethically through an embodied and embedded practice that leverages insights from the humanities.

Ground the work

Concretize the vision and cultivate shared expectations.

Lead with trust and respect

Prize honesty, integrity, empathy, and difference and empower diverse perspectives.

Perceive and persist

Take chances, acknowledge and leverage failure while celebrating successes.