Engaging the humanities to shape technologies keyed to human flourishing.

The Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics (LCAE) advances teaching, research and community engagement efforts that explore how best to live together as a human community, so that we all may achieve purposeful, productive and prosperous lives.

Our mission is to empower students, faculty, entrepreneurs and the community to examine the impact of technologies in our lives with the goal of designing a future keyed to human flourishing. 

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Student Spotlight: Courtney Czochara


Lincoln Scholar Courtney Czochara is a junior majoring in Philosophy with a minor in Justice Studies. She has a strong interest in the legal system and plans to attend law school after graduation. Here at ASU, she is proudly affiliated with the Delta Zeta sorority, Undergraduate Law Association, judicial committee for Panhellenic Council, and the Pre-law Society. She works as a leasing agent part-time at her apartment complex and likes to be creative through fashion, journaling, and nail art. To read more about the Lincoln Scholars program, click the button below.